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Keynote speakers 


A Strategy to Strengthen the Global Competitiveness in
Biopharmaceutical Business

Prof. Dr. Sang-Ki Rhee
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering College of Medical Sciences,
Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea

Potential application of silkworm on the eukaryotic
gene expression and its versatility

Prof. Dr. Enoch Y. Park
Research Institue of Green Science and Technology,
Shizuoka University, Japan

Chemical Engineering Approach for Nano Materials-Supercritical
Process or Nano catalyst, Hybrid Materials and Nano Ink

Prof. Dr. Tadafumi Adschiri
World Premier International Research
Center- Advanced Institute for Materials Research
(WPI-AIMR) and Institute of Multidisciplinary,
Rearch for Advanced Materials,
Tohoku University, Japan

An Innovative approach in catalysts and process design
-A Paradigm shift in Environmental Catalysis

Prof. Dr. Suresh Bhargava
Director-Centre of Advanced Materials

& Industrial Chemistry,
RMIT University Melbourne, Australia


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