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Reviewer Registration

Please follow the instruction to register yourself as a reviewer in this conference.

Step 1

Click “Reviewer Registration” and fill out the required items (*) in the form below.  We request you to select one primary subject areas and one secondary subject area.Then click “Registration”

Step 2

Confirm your registration by clicking the link and create a reviewer account in our conference management system.

Step 3

Create New Account for the reviewer in the conference management system.

Step 4

Now you have been assigned as a reviewer for this conference. To login as a reviewer.  Go to “Login” menu and select the submenu User&Review

Enter you username and password to login as reviewer,

The conference list will be shown, select All Conferences.

Type : ITICHE in the filer box to screen out the conference.

Click on The 7th International ...

Then the reviewer console will be shown up with Paper ID assigned to you for review. Click here to view Welcome Message & Instructions.

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